Mirror, mirror, off the wall!

David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke, authors of the latest bestseller about Michael Moore (Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man) are interviewed here.

Their assessment of Moore?

In our book we explore the parallels between his behavior and an emotional illness known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder -- an illness which also features in totalitarian leaders. It combines an apparent, and I stress apparent, overblown ego with an inner self-loathing. Look at what Moore most loathes -- and he IS it. A very wealthy, white, American male. He is what he hates.

I don't think his vision goes beyond that. He talks of ideals far on the left end of the spectrum, but I doubt he understands much of them, and from recent reports hasn't even bothered to vote in recent years. He only praises Cuba (in his "Letter to Elian") because it's, shall we say, "not American." For some reason he hasn't moved to Havana, but prefers to live in a million dollar apartment in Manhattan and suffer under capitalism.

How does one develop such a wholly self-aggrandizing form of narcissistic self hatred? Read the whole thing, but here's a summary:
All you really need is some self-contempt combined with the ignorant belief that there are no limits to human hope. Then when you start your social engineering experiment to purify the environment around you. . . .we know the end result.
While Moore and his fans find Hardy and Clarke's criticisms intolerable, their book has been catapulted to the New York Times bestseller list -- in no small part thanks to bloggers:
Hardy: As far as the general population: our book just made the New York Times bestseller list, No. 9, first week it was available.

It will never, of course, sway the cult of Moore. Their emails are stunning in their intellectual depth. Here's a few samples: "You suck, Fascist Republican Looser (sic) !!!!!" "Do you really think there is ONE American stupid enough to believe your pathetic misrepresentations of Michael Moore?" "How much have you been paid to try and manipulate the minds or an already confused public?" and "It's rather obvious to me and a lot of other people that you sir and aRE right wing idiot just like Bush."

As far as our hopes: in a democracy, the cure for abuse of freedom of speech is EVEN MORE freedom of speech, and that is the cure Jason and I have applied. It is falsity that cannot stand the light of the sun. If Mike really wants to stand in that light, we'll debate him on the follow proposition: Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 mislead their viewers and draw them to false conclusions. That's the offer, a fair and open debate, equal time, pick your time and place.

Clarke: To date, feedback on the book has been amazing. The blogosphere has responded beyond my expectations, pushing the book first up to #3 on Amazon.com, and then playing a significant role in the book landing on The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Publisher's Weekly bestseller lists. And reaction from the book's audience has been overwhelming, as well. Prior to the debut of the book, negative mail in response to my website, moorelies.com, was running high. Since the debut of the book, positive mail has now drowned out the noise of negative mail by at least a 3-1 margin.

I hope the book will reach all corners of America, serving to offer an alternate view to any person skeptical, or just plain curious, about Moore's vision of our country and our world. The old adage suggests that we heed the message, not the messenger, but in Moore's case -- given his free ride in the media and his largely unchecked fame machine -- I think the early success of the book suggests that people are interesting in learning the truth not just about Moore's message, but also about his true motives as a messenger.

I guess Moore is preaching mostly to his fellow narcissists.

It's troubling to see so many people apparently incapable of even a little genuine self reflection....

More on the disorder here.

And here is the classical condition which started it all. This is not said by way of endorsing Narcissus or narcissism, but merely to remind readers that Moore's disease was neither unknown to the ancients, nor admired by them.

posted by Eric on 07.13.04 at 03:53 PM


I'm going to be blunt here. Mooore is a Communist. In my book, anybody who praises Castro, Mao, or any other such Communist tyrant and prefers their system over our own freedoms is a Communist. Not merely a Leftist or a "progressive", and _certainly_ NOT a liberal in any sense. A Communist.

Call me a McCarthyite or a Birchite. A Right-Wing Extremist. I would certainly prefer the company of Captain John Birch or Senator McCarthy over that of any Communist or Communist sycophant. What is opposite of McCarthyism? Lattimoreism?

I don't waste too much of my time on Michael Moore. I much prefer to think about Roy Moore. He has better _style_. I prefer my enemies on the Right (Santorum, Bork, Falwell, etc.) to my enemies on the Left. The Rightist totalitarians at least know what the crucial issues really are. They know that the spiritual is more important than the economic, the fundamental questions: the meaning of marriage, the meaning of sex, the meaning of life and the universe....

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