What terrorism?

People expecting to find public declarations or documents linking al Qaida to its supporting countries are a bit naive, for they forget that al Qaida is inherently a clandestine organization.

The following letter from the Iranian leadership is illustrative of the elusive nature of the clandestine relationships enjoyed between al Qaida and its patron states.

...Future sessions have been assigned to further discuss the elimination of major obstacles, further implementation and improvements with regards to a higher level of cooperations with Al Qaida Network & Hezbollah towards a specific goal. At the end, with satisfaction and complete support of your work and understanding the importance of your duties, the supreme leader insists, “Be sure, there are no trace of any support for Al Qaida which could have negative and irreversible consequences, and limit it to the present relations with “Moghnie & Al Zarghavi”.

God be with you,
Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri

Head of Supreme Leader Intelligence Office

NOTE: Nouri was President Khatami's nominal opponent in Iran's last election.

In the above case, al Qaida's patron state happens to be Iran, via Hezbollah. (Yeah, that's the same outfit currently involved in a mutual patronization effort with Michael Moore.)

This doesn't come as news to me; I have previously posted about the Committee of Three and al Qaida's links to Iran and Hezbollah. None of this was especially controversial in the days of a Democratic admininistration. It's just that with Bush as president, terrorists must be denied out of existence. Or called "extremists," or "insurgents".....

Denial is always a good cover.

posted by Eric on 06.28.04 at 12:01 PM


Jeff Soyer put it better and more succictly than anybody: "More On Moron Moore"

That says it all.

As for these so-called "extremists", "insurgents", "guerrillas", "militants", "rebels", "dissidents", they are nothing but terrorists, thugs, murderers.

Did we forget that until late 80's the biggest suuporter of both tht Al Qaida and Saddam were the US government?
Yeah, our taxes and efforts went into training those idiots and now that they have turned against us (no surprise), we are trying to figure out why!!

sam   ·  June 29, 2004 7:27 AM

Lots of people said the same thing about FDR and the alliance with the Soviet Union.

Eric Scheie   ·  June 29, 2004 8:49 AM

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