The family grows!

I'm trying to get caught up, which is something that by definition never happens in blogging.

But I am glad to have help here, in the form of a genuine classical scholar, who's writing under the name of VARIUS CRISPINUS. (If that sounds too much like a cereal brand name to you, do some research!)

His first post is about Howard Stern, with whose radio show I've been intransigently in love for ten years (and which makes me admittedly very biased). I don't know whether I agree completely with VARIUS (as I haven't thought it over yet, and I reserve the right to remain silent -- as perhaps I should have been about Andrew Sullivan....) but I'll say this; he can say anything he wants without any editorial control by me.

VARIUS (who right now is "off to Euripides"), describes himself as:

.... a dabbler with many gaps to fill, but I've tended to favor Greek poetry of all periods and the reception of Greek poetry among Roman poets of the late Republic and early Empire.

I tend to become preoccupied with linguistics and textual analysis, and have to remind myself that this stuff has a historical context.

But I'm far from an expert in anything.

If it matters, I had a brief spell as a (churchless) Christian in high school and was involved with the Bible study club, where I occasionaly ruffled the feathers of the leaders by quoting scripture against their pastors and taught the kids how to prove that Jesus was the messiah through a close reading of the Old Testament.

And I once was appointed Chief Justice of the mock Supreme Court in my 9th grade social studies class for receiving a perfect score on our constitutional law exam.

VARIUS is more complicated than that, and is obviously more modest than even he allows. Or I will allow, for that matter. He's talented, and I hope he'll add new meaning and put new muscle in the "CLASSICAL" part of Classical Values.

WELCOME VARIUS! (I hope this will take some of the pressure off my sense of daily blogligation.....)

What really has me puzzled now is how to break this news to my beloved blogfather Jeff. For he is the blogfather of Classical Values, and now that Classical Values has more than one author, Jeff deserves another cigar!

Jeff, by the way, was recently hailed in Outdoor Life Magazine, which even featured a snapshot of Alphecca. That's real status, hard copy and in living color!

Double congratulations to Jeff! (And while you're at it, go read his Weekly Check on the Bias.

And a warm welcome to VARIUS CRISPINUS.

posted by Eric on 06.22.04 at 11:26 AM


"I reserve the right to remain silent -- as perhaps I should have been about Andrew Sullivan....)"

OH, NO! SAY NOT SO! I'm GLAD you wrote what you wrote about Sullivan because:

1) It started a very interesting thread, and, even more importantly,

2) It showed, once again, your indominatable independence of mind. I admire you for disagreeing with Sullivan. It doesn't matter whether I disagreed with with your disagreeal or not. If you agreed with me all the time, you'd be wrong too much of the time. Just keeping on keeping on. Be who you are. Don't let anybody tell you what to do or think. I like you just the way you are. You are a hero to me, and my favorite blogger.

Varius Crispinus. Hail to the Roman Empire and Classical Values!

I should have a Roman-style name here, too. In fact, I already do. Back when we were kids, our grandfather read about the Catos and liked them so much that he decided that everybody in the family should be named Cato. I was Cato the Elder, my brother Dave was Cato the Younger, he himself was Cato the Mighty, and our grandmother was Cato the Kiddo. I can't remember what my mother and father and my aunts and uncles and cousins were, but they were Catos, too.

Our grandfather was an _extremely_ fascinating man with a wicked sense of humor. He had _style_! Among other things, he loved to hate Nixon. Both he and my Dad (a historian) had many books on Nixon and the Watergate imbroglio. He was an architect. We used to come up to Seattle every year to visit him and the rest of our family.


I am very flattered by your kind remarks. You're almost a co-blogger, even though we've never met, and you help keep me going. I don't know how you manage to do it while also fueling other blogs plus your own, but thanks again!

Eric Scheie   ·  June 22, 2004 7:49 PM

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