I got my column out just in time!

Timing is everything, and I haven't had much lately. Today I installed a new steering column in my Jeep. An '89 YJ I hardly use anymore, it sat around too long outside, and the wiring inside the column (which contains the ignition switch/steering lock assembly, turn signals, wiper controls, squirter unit, flasher unit, headlight switches, and God-knows-what else) was so messed up that the Jeep would not start or run. Yesterday -- thanks to the Internet -- I found a steering column from a '91 Wrangler which included the stock steering wheel.

Complete, local, and cheap (fifty dollars less than ebay!).

It wasn't terribly easy getting the old one off, as nuts were rusted, and I wasn't terribly familiar with how to disconnect everything, but it finally came out, and of course putting the new one in was much easier.

It started right up, the turn signals work, the windshield wipers and squirter work, and the steering wheel was centered perfectly without my having to remove it and put it back on. (A relief, as I don't have a steering wheel puller handy!)

I just drove it around the block and it seems fine. No pull or anything like that.

And just as I finished, Tllaloc struck, and the rain started to pour. I set the old column down on my front porch, and I thought it looked so much like a lamp that I put a globe on it.


I suppose it could still be useful as a lamp. (There's plenty of room inside for wires.)

If only I had this statue of Tlaloc to go on top of it.... I might be able to steer the weather!

posted by Eric on 06.15.04 at 04:59 PM

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