Rachel Lucas is back!

I don't keep up with the blogosphere as I should, but thanks to Frank J., I just learned that Rachel Lucas is back, and I am really glad.

Although I've still only been blogging for less than a year, there are a couple of things I learned from Rachel Lucas. One it's that you should find whatever it is that's in your heart, and then say it. The other is that sharing pictures of your dogs with the world is good for the soul. I have been more successful with the latter than the former, but hey! I'm less than a year old.

It's hard to imagine that anyone reading this is unfamiliar with Rachel Lucas (who was nominated by my blogfather for Vice President), but if there are any newbies or non-bloggers, please know that she's one of the great ones. Her return is a big deal, worthy even of....

a fireworks display!


(Not quite the Big Bang, I know. But you can pretend.)

Welcome back Rachel!

posted by Eric on 05.09.04 at 12:20 AM


Welcome back Rachel!

Yes, absolutely.


I was beginning to worry about you. No comments, and nothing at your blog! I don't know what the protocol is for this; should I have filed a "Missing Blogger Report"?

Eric Scheie   ·  May 10, 2004 9:35 PM

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