Last Minute Mutant Hybrid!

Not much time for tests today, but it's still Online Test Day and I just can't let well enough alone.

The first test today is "Which Mythological Form Are You?" I rather like my result:

You are Form 4, Gargoyle: The Fallen.

"And The Gargoyle mended his wings from the
blood of the fallen so he could rise up from
imprisonment. With great speed and
resourcefulness, Gargoyle made the world his
for the taking."

Some examples of the Gargoyle Form are Daedalus
(Greek) and Mary Magdalene (Christian).
The Gargoyle is associated with the concept of
success, the number 4, and the element of wood.
His sign is the new moon.

As a member of Form 4, you are a creative and
resourceful individual. You are always
thinking of possible solutions to problems you
face and you generally choose one that is
right. Much of your success comes from your
ability to look at things a little differently
than everyone else. Gargoyles are the best
friends to have because they don't always take
things for face value.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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As to the next test, I am not sure how it fits....

A Monkees and Gargoyles crossover?

Who'da thought?

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.

(Via Ordinary Galoot)

All things considered, I'd rather be a Gargoyle!

LAST MINUTE MUSIC REVIEW UPDATE: When I posted this late Friday night, I wish I'd noticed the reference to Daedalus in the gargolye description -- because I had just returned from a wonderful evening attending a concert by the Daedalus Quartet. They are on tour now, and I highly recommend them to anyone. I was placed in a genuine trance by their performance of Bela Bartok's String Quartet No. 4. Almost Grateful Dead-ish -- and composed in 1928. They do a nice job of explaining the background of the stuff they play too. I'd rate 'em 5 stars; my only complaint is that they weren't selling CDs.

posted by Eric on 03.26.04 at 11:55 PM


That was a test. Somehow, I kept getting some message about "postdata" that had somehow expired when I tried to comment in Dean's World. I thought that might be a just a problem they were having but wan't sure, so I went here and tested it and got the same message, so I rebooted my computer and then refreshed my modem. Seems to have been solved, at least here.

Rebooting solves innumerable problems. Here's what one geek humorist observes about the POSTDATA phenomenon:

"The page you are trying to view contains POSTDATA that has expired from cache. If you resend the data, any action the form carried out (such as a search or online purchase) will be repeated. To resend the data, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel."

First, WTF does "POSTDATA that has expired from cache" really mean? The data you posted hasn't expired or else they wouldn't be able to resend it. Does this mean "The page you are trying to view is the result of a POST, and the result has expired from the cache...".

And why does it expire if a gnat farts within three meters? Is this the expiry time provided by the server? If so, let's keep it around anyway and put this on the screen:

"The page you are trying to view is the result of a POST that has been expired by the server. If you resend blah blah blah. To resend the data click OK. To view the (expired) page from the local cache, click DIRTYLAUNDRY. Otherwise, click Cancel."

Eric Scheie   ·  March 28, 2004 1:31 AM

Anyway! About the test! The mythological test, anyway. I turned out to be "Demon, the Destroyer", stron-willed, independed, passionate.

I'm the Unicorn.

".. For her misdeed, the world knew evil"

uh - sorry about that, everybody!

Persnickety   ·  March 29, 2004 8:55 AM

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