In the wake of national hysteria induced by the glimpse of a mammary organ at the Superbowl, a pontificating and sanctimonious company called "Clear Channel Communications" has taken Howard Stern off the air in a number of cities. Fortunately not Philadelphia or San Francisco. Jeff Jarvis offers some thoughts on what this means, and what you can do about it.

: The more I think about this, the more enraged I get. One tit flopped out and the government -- the Bush administration -- can't wait to play to its far-right fringe and censor speech and intimidate speech and chill speech. How dare they? This is not the role we expect of our government. We don't need a nanny.
Let's hear a little liberartarian outrage at government meddling in our lives and our speech.
Let's hear a little conservative outrage at government growing beyond its bounds.
Let's hear a little liberal outrage at goverment stiffling free spech.
I don't give a damn whether you like or despise Howard Stern; that's beside the point. If you're American, you cherish free speech and you should be appalled at what is happening to it. This is not coming from media consolidation. This is coming from government intimidation.
F Michael Powell. F the FCC. F Clear Channel.
Defend Howard Stern. Or lose your own rights to say what you want where and when you want to say it.

: I know that many constituencies want to tell Clear Channel to f off. Here's where and how.

The company, by the way, claimed it was "protecting our listeners from indecent content."

If I want to be "protected" I'll turn my dial. But how do I protect myself from this?

In case anyone failed to notice, there's already one company working hard to protect Internet users from blogs.....

posted by Eric on 02.26.04 at 09:17 AM


Howard Stern, a free-thinking, free-speaking, Lesbian-loving Jew, is one of my heroes. I think he is the Lenny Bruce of our day.

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