Am I on yet?

Well now! This should certainly be interesting.

I am right now attempting my very first moblog -- thanks to the inspiration of Jeff Jarvis (whoa. I think I just wrote a link by hand with this thingie), and others I discovered in the course of researching this technology.

It is slow, but I can do it anywhere.

I think.....

And now, we shall see whether it posts!

posted by Eric on 12.23.03 at 08:43 PM


Eric, I have an ultra-light, Centrino-equipped laptop that I take everywhere. With a Sprint PCS connection card, I can access the internet anyplace a cellphone signal is available. It no faster than dial-up, but I have a 15' screen and all the functions of a desktop, plus a battery life over three hours. Costs a lot more than your new toy, but it's worth it.

Alan Sullivan   ·  December 24, 2003 12:36 PM

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