Unpeeling modern labels to reveal a classical core

I don't know how I stumbled onto it (and if I did I wouldn't say...), but I found an utterly captivating post here. I'd never seen the word "biphobic" before, but why the hell not? These words are such nonsense that we might as well stretch them to their limits.

It would be nice to return to a world where we did not judge people by the content of their orgasms.... I know that I have been ranting about this for months, but it is really nice to find another blogger who apparently thinks along (more or less) similar lines.

Richard Evans Lee's philosophy is in the spirit of the Classical ideal. Here's a sample:

I went through my bisexual phase. Unlike hasbians I didnít repent my twofold sexuality and return to the comfortable embrace of monolithic sexual preference. A latish erotic satori showed me that there are more than two genders, social reality if not biological fact. The weblog isnít called Pansexual Sodomite because Iím a fan of obfuscation.
If there's one thing I love, it's a free thinker not hemmed in by anyone's labels.

My hat's off to Richard Evans Lee -- who also links to this post, which makes a solid case that blogging is conservative, and in the Classical sense.

I am no fan of obfuscation either. And when words are designed and constructed to obfuscate human dignity -- our very ability to think for ourselves, even be sexually attracted to what we like -- I will protest any way I know how.

Seeing I am not alone makes it all worth it.

posted by Eric on 10.26.03 at 04:10 PM


I wasn't sure if biphobic existed so I checked Google before using it. My entry titles are often framed to milk Google hits.

You can't avoid labels, they are a part of language but you have to know they are hints, not descriptions.

It is getting to be a tad odd. I keep seeming to find more interest and sympathy from weblog writers whose politics are much to the right of mine.

Which reminds me I've often meant to try to summarize my own mix of tempermental conservatism and radical leftism (oh, those damned labels again).

Richard Evans Lee   ·  October 26, 2003 5:08 PM

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