Blogging very late and lite but lively.....

Not much blogging today, as I am on the road. Staying at the amazing Opryland Hotel in Nashville! The place is a maze, rivers run through it, and all in all it is a very tasteful shrine to the music which built it -- and I believe it is very pleasantly haunted to boot.... Really something to behold.

So where does this leave me?

I took an online test yesterday.

But it isn't Friday so I can't post the results yet.

Hey, I did find a real lively type rant tonight, though. This blogger claims homosexuality is utterly, intrinsically evil, yet cannot give a single logical reason in support of his position. (At least I didn't find one; some ranting about diseases, "design" and the Bible, but nothing I can call logic.) Nothing particularly new, but if you like to get all pissed off at the anti-gay bigots, you might have fun with him. The guy does NOT want gay bloggers linking to him -- so bear that in mind. Here's his thesis:

It is impossible for a homosexual "couple" to love each other. Indeed, short of taking another's life, engaging in homosexuality is one of the most hateful things a person can do.
(Thanks to the World Wide Rant, via Vodka Pundit.)

Remember, no linky-winky!

posted by Eric on 10.23.03 at 08:05 PM


This is what Ayn Rand called the Big Projection. Here, these Communazi haters of the good accuse homosexuals of being hateful. The love of man for man and of woman for woman is called "hatred of God" while their own hatred is called "Christian love" (as in Ministry of Love -- 1984).

Steven Malcolm Anderson   ·  October 24, 2003 3:23 PM

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