Honorable death?

I saw this story on Drudge, but then when I went back to give Drudge credit, the story had been pulled!

I guess that means that now there are two stories: the Muslim honor killing, and its disappearance off the Drudge Report site. (I cannot read the mind of Matt Drudge, so I will not speculate, lest I be accused of "hypersensitivity." Might just be an accident....)

Anyway, the story is a real charmer: Dad (a strict Muslim named Abdalla Yones) did not like the fact that his daughter had dated a Christian boy, so he broke down the door to the bathroom in which she had barricaded herself and stabbed her eleven times. She died.

According to the story, there were twelve such deaths in Britain last year.

It strikes me that there is no honor in killing members of your family to uphold certain interpretations of religious texts. In this respect, the Christians and Jews are far more civilized than the Muslims. True, the Old Testament commands that disobedient children be put to death. But only a very few kooks believe in such nonsense -- and as far as I know they have not dared put these psychotic "religious commands" into practice.

UPDATE: It also strikes me that if the disappearance of this story was intentional, that would not be honorable journalism. I plan to keep checking Drudge to see whether it reappears. (Here is confirmation that it was linked there earlier this morning.) I do hope the story's "death" was not deliberate....

posted by Eric on 09.30.03 at 08:25 AM


I think it is wrong to follow religions, so much, that in the end it comtrols your life. I follow a reigion but i won't ever let it control me!
Some religion followers need to understand when not to cross the line.

Priya   ·  March 25, 2004 3:18 PM

Ha! Your comments about what the Old Testament teaches about putting children to death belies your ignorance to the laws the children of Israel lived under.

In order to have a more rounded understanding of these laws and why the scriptures say what they do about the death penalty in those times, I would refer you to a terrific book titled "The Majesty of God's Law", by Cleon Skousen. Reading this will explain, to your satisfaction I'm sure, why the scriptures read as they do.

Until then, please try to conceal your ignorance and refrain from calling those that believe the scriptures literally as "kooks". You only dishonor yourself.

jobiusa   ·  May 12, 2004 12:15 PM

Different people have different interpretations of the various religious texts. I think people who would impose their interpretations of religious texts on other people who disagree with them in a free country are in fact kooks. Most Americans would agree with me.

Stoning disobedient children might not be your interpretation of the Bible, but it appears to have found some adherents.

It isn't a big issue for me personally, as I don't consider these religious texts to be absolute words from God.

Regarding Cleon Skousen, according to this web site he has written that "Every boy should know that masturbation may be the first step toward homosexuality."

All of us are, to varying degrees, ignorant, and in need of further enlightenment. There's always a lot to learn, but I very much I doubt I would find Dr. Skousen's teachings helpful.

Thanks again!

Eric Scheie   ·  May 12, 2004 1:17 PM

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