Chilling details

Instapundit linked to this broadside from a Bush supporter fed up with "an agenda creeping slowly towards totalitarianism." She says it "scares the juices right out of me," and cites a chilling report on Patriot II (which scares me too -- except when I get scared I get mad at the people who want to scare me.)

Reading on in the blog, I found another chilling account (this one a charmer):

The air-conditioning guy came today, and he discovered a host of problems. There was a slow, tiny, miniscule freon leak that needed to be repaired. Then, of course, he recharged the system with several pounds of freon. A filter was dirty (chock full of hairs fresh from the head of the Jack Russell Terrorist), thus causing some ice to form on the something-something, which in turn affected the function of the doohickey.
That was exactly the problem in my car! The damned doohickey was screwed up by the something-something -- and the root cause was terrorism -- a Jack Russell Terrorist!

Lest you think the term "terrorist" goes too far, I offer for your consideration an action shot of Molly the Jack Russell Terrorist. She hates the television, and leaps in the air to kill it whenever she sees an animal.


Because of the 3 second delay, it is very difficult to catch her in action with a digital camera.

Why can't we all have interactive TV?

posted by Eric on 09.16.03 at 05:49 PM

Comments awful lot of wires in that picture, Eric. An awful lot. You aren't gonna 'lectrocute yerself now, are yew?


And cute dog. Very, very, very cute. Hi, Molly!

Arthur Silber   ·  September 17, 2003 5:16 PM

Hi Arthur! That television is a high-tech monitor which has no speakers of its own, so the wires running into it feed a surround sound system -- making the whole thing much more lifelike for Molly. Her favorite program is that favorite animal video show, and she even knows the sound of host Matt whats-his-name's voice. If she hears him, she comes charging down the stairs for her attack. (Most TV watching is done by Molly, of course...)

Eric Scheie   ·  September 18, 2003 5:36 AM

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