Marriage Fever or Marriage

Marriage Fever or Marriage Allergy?

"If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." -- George S. Patton

Instapundit is trying to help a very worthy Canadian blogger, who soon may need to see a doctor. That blogger, Colby Cosh (someone I should have been reading long before), offers intriguing thoughts about gay marriage:

On one hand you have the judges, who have elevated the preservation of "dignity" to the highest legal principle of the land without coming within a parsec of defining it, and the gay and lesbian activists, whose blind worship of the state has them virtually falling over themselves to obtain marriage licenses the very hour Leviathan permits them to acquire one. We've got "dignity" now; I read it in the Globe and Mail. Poor sods, all they've done is relinquish whatever dignity they had to begin with. But on the other hand you have a pack of perspiring Christians (and Muslims and Sikhs) so befuddled about their own doctrine that they believe a change in civil marriage procedure somehow threatens the special status and nature of the marriage sacrament. I swear I'm just waiting for these people to call for a government ban on soda crackers because some consumers might accidentally conclude that they are ingesting the corpus Christi with their Campbell's tomato soup.

Cosh wants to get a note from his doctor so that he can sit this one out.

I guess I should be glad I don't live in Canada, where I read you can go to jail for criticizing people or even listening to Howard Stern.

In an earlier post I expressed misgivings about discussing gay marriage now that the Culture War is over. It is highly emotional, and I don't want to give ammo to anti-gay bigots, many of whom oppose gay marriage chiefly because they hate homosexuals.

I like Colby Cosh's idea about getting a note from my doctor.

First they pass laws saying you can get married so you can be "just like everybody else" but if you avoid that you can still get sued by the piece of trade you managed to con into a "relationship" and if you don't like that and you dump on the gay activists they can put you in jail for creating an oppressive climate?

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's an oppressive climate.

I think I'm allergic; I need a note from my doctor.

posted by Eric on 06.22.03 at 01:34 PM

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