I, CLONIUS, promise to

I, CLONIUS, promise to love, honor and obey -- me!

Hey if the war for gay marriage is over can I be a mother AND a father? I wanna be a mom and a dad, God damn it! I found a link to this story about how they can make an egg from a man's semen, and then fertilize it with semen from the other man. I want to be the other man and the best man! The father of the groom and the mother of the bride!

How about if I have them make the egg from my sperm, then fertilize it with own semen? That would be really cool 'cause then I can be both the mom and the dad!

How many people can do that? I know, I know, it's bound to catch on as an idea, but can't I be the first?

I will hear no condemnation of auto incest because it's MY business; I am only doing it to -- ME!

Hey, why can't I improve on myself? My own superline! The ME generation! I will raise ME myself!

I am me! Why can't I be more of me?

Deep, super inbreeding -- in me! My purest essence! More pure and more essential than I am myself! There can be no purer blood imaginable!

ME times ME equals ME squared!

Of Caesar it was said with much fondness by his soldiers, that he was "every woman's husband, and every man's wife!"

How jealous of ME would Caesar be! He never could be his own husband and his own wife at the same time!

posted by Eric on 06.20.03 at 11:21 PM

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