(posted Sunday May 25 and

(posted Sunday May 25 and reposted because this blogger editor is acting up.)

Made Up "Phony" Religion?

Is it acceptable to make up religion? On my very own quasi-neo-pseudo-pagan web site? That is a legitimate question, because I think I have discovered a new god -- the god of telemarketing revenge! I do hope the link remains good and the photo loads -- at least for the duration of ripeness of this post.

This new god is obviously the son of Mercury (the god of communication, speech, speed, telephones, and blogging) and Nemesis (the goddess of revenge).

While I would not stoop so low as to advocate telephone sex or dirty talk at a dignified web site like this, the new god reminded me of the best way I have found to make to make telephone solicitors hang up fast. Simply ask the solicitor (or solicitrix) following question:

"What are you wearing?"

I think that is a legitimate enough question, but every time I have tried it, the caller hangs up. Why do people get all offended by a perfectly innocent question like that?

What I would want to do (if these people would have the decency of replying) would be to tell them that I really don't like conducting business with strangers on the phone unless I can first establish trust. In order to do that, I must insist that both sides (let's be fair) remove their clothes.

Then, and only then, can we get down to the "business at hand."

There is no need to inject religion into a business transaction, but I suppose that with an especially stubborn, callused telemarketer, one could gently drop a holy hint.

I don't think they like to talk about that either.

posted by Eric on 05.26.03 at 07:59 AM

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