Just Say "No!" To

Just Say "No!" To Blog Control!

According to Eugene Volokh, some radio guy named Hugh Hewitt wants to rank bloggers according to hierarchy. Hewitt speaks of the "power blogs" -- the Big Four Alliance, the Northern Alliance, the Southern Alliance, etc.

Nice try, but I think Hugh might have been in heavily regulated talk radio so long that he suffers from a need to find gatekeepers everywhere. As I said in an earlier blog, the primary difference between talk radio and blogging is that there are no real gatekeepers in the latter, whereas radio is a highly regulated, finite world of limited, extremely expensive bandwidth, assigned to them and rigorously policed by the government (notwithstanding a pesky little headache called the First Amendment). Democratic as the talk radio development was historically, peer to peer, direct audience participation takes this one step further, by removing any consideration of a host or anyone in charge of anything except his own blogs. Blogs may or may not receive feedback from other blogs. To the extent there is any Hierarchy of Blog, it is based on popularity.

That is freedom in the purest sense. I say this as a new, almost unknown blogger (in the "wannabe" stage) with a tiny audience. Yet, regardless of who reads this or anything else I write, there is no force on earth which can stop me from blogging. (Yet.)

I like that.

Shouldn't the UN Do Something about all this "Elitist" Blogging?

Jeff Soyer really got me going about hypocrites in Amnesty International (and their asshole buddies in the UN). What, pray tell, has Amnesty International to say about this? And what is the UN doing about it?

Nothing. And if the U.S. went in to stop the Congolese barbeque, how much do you want to bet that both Amnesty International and the UN would scream that it was another "imperialist adventure"?

No wonder Sparkey at Sgt. Stryker cites the above feast as "Reason #2395 on why I hate the UN."

Hating the UN?

Isn't that a hate crime?

Don't laugh yet. The "international community" regulates Yahoo and eBay, don't they?

posted by Eric on 05.31.03 at 12:36 PM

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