Sanity is optional

The day you realize that you can see your skelton through the skin of your hands is the most horrifying  day of your life. You can either embrace it, or you can start looking for employment as the cyborg overlord of your own biomechanical machine. It's either that, or a dustbin. Make no mistake. The dustbin is what awaits obsolescence. Not enslavement. 

Slavery didn't work for surprisingly logical reasons (I say 'surprisingly' because it evidently didn't occur to a great number of slave owners throughout history). It doesn't work because when efficiency is the only currency, the master has the same value-added as a flowchart.

The wise man embraces his flesh-machine and seeks to have a good time. The more difficult the entertainment, the greater the entertainment. Catapults should be involved, and who's to say that you're wrong for wanting that which was to remain that which is *as a base line*.

That's the real indignity. That the baseline degrades. Improvement objectively obtains, what could possibly stand in that way? Put any geriatric into the League of Legends, he'll fill you in shortly on the short comings of muscle memory.


The failure of Lance Armstrong is a failure of society; namely, that it misinterprets raw physical fitness to be worthwhile beyond mental fitness. And frankly, those who obsess over mental fitness are missing the *Armstrong point*. No manner of fitness is valuable without the capacity for rapidly translating both action into reason and reason into action.

All that remains is productivity. Weird, huh?


posted by Cosmic Drunk at 04:28 AM

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