Space - Offutt Air Base - Omaha Steaks - Donald Trump

Instapundit ran a blurb That reminded me of Offutt Air Base.

RAND SIMBERG IS live-blogging a space-law conference. "I'm attending the fifth annual conference on space law hosted by the law school at the University of Nebraska, which has a program in space law, partially sponsored by USSTRATCOM (fifty miles up the road at Offut AFB in Omaha).
Which got me to thinking of the Simon Family Reunion Dinner which was held at Offutt.

Now it gets interesting. I'm related (second or third cousins - same great grandfather) loosely to the Simons who run Omaha Steaks.

They began working in the only business they knew - the meat business. After employment in several markets in Omaha, they founded their own company in 1917. B.A. bought a building in downtown Omaha called, "Table Supply Company." He moved a cooler and a freezer into the building and on the front sign he moved the "CO" of company over to the right and inserted the word "Meat." Hence, the first name of the company, "Table Supply Meat Company."
I worked in my Dad's grocery store at 33rd and Lake in Omaha. From time to time (about every month or two) we would make a run to "Table Supply" to pick up something. So we knew that branch of the family but didn't do frequent business with them.

So yesterday the first mate is telling me that Bruce and Todd Simon were on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice".

Omaha Steaks will be featured on a new episode of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" this spring.

The current fifth generation of family owners of the company, Bruce and Todd Simon, will appear in the episode scheduled to air April 17 on NBC. The Simons presented a challenge to the contestants on the show.

I had more interaction with Fred at the Reunion and old man Meyerson who used to sell me radio parts (the Meyersons were cousins) when he ran World Radio Labs in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The reunion was basically the children/grandchildren of grocers though. Ala Dobbie Gillis. I used to work for Janice Meyerson's (the opera star) father Meyer. I helped move about 15 tons of sugar into a 4 ft. high crawl space in a half hour on delivery day once. Meyer (Janice's father) allowed as to how that was an acceptable performance. High praise from Meyer. And Meyer used to have us over for Sunday dinners. A lot. Meyer would always light up a good cigar after dinner. I loved the smell.

I have had several of the Omaha Steaks $99 variety packs. My mom sends me one every now and then when they discount it below $50 in Omaha. Shipped in a foam cooler with dry ice. Neato. Thanks Mom!!11!! And I must say that as a son of a butcher, and once an apprentice butcher myself, the meat is excellent.

Amazon also has the Omaha Steaks The All American Combo.

And the Reunion Dinner? Catered By Omaha Steaks. With an open bar. Oh. Yeah!

You can watch the Celebrity Apprentice episode at Raising The Steaks. The Simons come on at about 8 minutes into the video. I sorta remember Todd and Bruce from the reunion.

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