Postmodernist rape

Earlier Glenn linked an article titled "You're not as kinky as you think" (with the equally reassuring subtitle "Massive Internet study finds that we're all sexual deviants") which didn't so much remind me that I wasn't as kinky as I thought, so much as it served as a reminder that if we stopped being so blindly judgmental, we might be able to recognize that men are often raped by women.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to prove this objectively -- because as a member of the oppressed class, not only do I lack access to the millions of taxpayer dollars that the proof would cost, but there are obvious issues posed by the lack of access to rape.

However, if I could impart anything from this attempt at the, um, lay science of postsexual postmodernism, it would be to implore readers to think about one thing:

Rape is build on the dishonest edifice of "penetration bias."

There. I just said that.

The traditional rape meme inherently divides parties into victims and aggressors, based on an irrational assumption of penetration as an act necessarily involving aggression by the "penetrator" (itself a totally arbitrary term evoking the inherent suspicion of evil), said to be in diametrical contrast with the state of "being penetrated" (a similarly arbitrary state said to be passive, helpless and therefore innocent by definition).

Anyone who has knowledge of the animal kingdom knows that this is hugely at odds with basic laws of nature.

The state of being ENVELOPED is akin to being eaten, for God's sake! Consumed. Devoured. Thus, it is equally as logical to define the penis as the victim of a vagina as it is to define the vagina as the victim of the penis. Unless we are prepared to say that the eaten is more guilty than the eater, I fail utterly to apprehend (much less comprehend) why the term "rape" denotes anything more than a cultural bias declaring one party more "guilty" than the other, based on a Manichean view (no doubt grounded in collusion between traditional male chauvinism and traditional feminist theory) of a power imbalance based on penetrator versus penetrated rather than the moral and logical equivalent enveloper versus enveloped.

But you won't learn about any of this in classes, seminars, and so-called "sensitivity training sessions" based on traditional rape theory, because they are almost invariably taught by the dominant, enveloping, oppressor.

That the enveloping class is the oppressor class does not require elaborate proof, as it is self apparent to anyone who watches TV or goes to the movies. Men are morons, and women are smart, which means that like any other party in a power imbalance, the former are not truly responsible for their actions. This is classic victimhood, and it is high time that men realized it. What is called "rape" by perpetrators of the ongoing penetration meme is actually often an act done against their bodies and against their will by the members of the enveloping classes. 

The dominant forces are the real rapists.

Little wonder they get to define rape.

posted by Eric on 04.30.11 at 10:57 PM


I'm looking forward to a revised branding of sex toys for men.

A "Pocket Enveloper". Although it lacks the alliteration of the alternative.

I wonder what the market for politically correct sex toys is?

M. Simon   ·  May 1, 2011 12:15 AM

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