People Are Different

Commenter Frank at my post Lies Of Chernobyl had this to say in response to this comment fragment of mine. I said:

M. Simon:
Also the 10 REM dose limit supposes that most people are not too far from average when it comes to the effects of radiation. But people are genetically different.
To which Frank responded.
If you have ever witnessed someone who has undergone radiation cancer treatment, and has been given what radiologists think is tolerable, and then see that person die from necrosis of healthy tissue and subsequent sentinel artery bleed-out, you know that everyone has a different tolerance for radiation.

You are exactly right, M. Simon. Genetics, and the immune system determine how much radiation each person can take.

I think the current radiation tolerance guidelines are acceptable. They are quite low for the average citizen and about 10X higher for people who choose to work in the field.

I think a move by government to raise the guidelines (according to this site) is a VERY BAD IDEA.

posted by Simon on 04.08.11 at 02:15 AM


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