Fukushima Exclusion Zone Map

Commenter Jeremy at "Fukushima Update 14 April 2011" sent me via e-mail a link to the below map. And some supporting evidence. Links below for the source of the map and the supporting evidence.


The source of the map.

Why there is an exclusion zone around the other Fukushima plant.

The situation now is such that Tokyo is not in serious danger. Come the monsoons in June - August when the winds change the situation could change. In fact Japan could be cut in half by the radiation carried by those winds.

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posted by Simon on 04.14.11 at 07:30 AM


Statistics are the tools of liars. If you examine the 60 year history of radiation leaks from Hanford (at least one of them an experiment releasing 5000 curies of Iodine 131 over eastern Washington, Oregon, and Northern California) you will find a reckless disregard for people, cover-ups, and the information hidden for years only forced out by lawsuits. Here's a very good account from 1988:


And then GE (who else!) and the government, to cover their asses sought refuge in statistics that PROVED there was no connection to the thyroid cancer, and impotence, and hair loss, of neighbors to the facility, let alone those downwind, from the years of releases. Here's that whitewash from the Oxford Journal of Medicine:


What neither of these accounts reflect is the quiet payment to the victims by the government, with contractual agreement of the recipients to not say anything or give out the amount of payments. Until a few years ago you could walk into any Washington or Oregon county clerks office within the Columbia River plume area, and see bulletins posted on behalf of Hanford authorities, urging people with Thyroid Cancer to apply for relief. If asked, the clerks would hand out a several page account outlining the plume area, the years involved, and how to apply for the payoffs.

So Eric, I wouldn't believe anything coming from the government, the same government that overseas the drug war, and shoots pets and 92 year old women in cold blood, the same government that colludes with corporations like GE in cover-ups, and takes payoffs from same.

Frank   ·  April 14, 2011 10:21 AM

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