What's really behind the crime in Detroit?

Today's front page of the Free Press has a big headline -- "Drugs, blood: Inside the world of dogfighting." I don't know why, but the online version of the same article had a different headline -- "Detroit killings show dangerous world of dogfighting, police say." The first paragraph makes abundantly clear the identity of the real culprit behind the carnage:

Three young men shot to death in a bungalow in a battered Detroit neighborhood more than a month ago were a stark example of a ruthless raw capitalism -- dogfighting.

Wow. I mean, I knew capitalism was bad, but I thoughtlessly never made that connection before! I mean, I knew that it kills people, but I never stopped to think that torturing and killing dogs was actually a free market activity of which libertarians like Hayek and Friedman would approve. Why didn't the free marketeers speak up in Michael Vick's defense? And now that I think about it, where were they when fellow free marketeers such as John Gotti and Bernie Madoff were being sentenced to prison?

The Jan. 21 killings on Faircrest, investigators say, give a chilling glimpse of an underground economy built on badman bravado and fueled with fast cash from dope and dogfighting. And with thousands of dollars often up for grabs, it's a deadly serious business.

Today, the family members of the Faircrest victims will hold a news conference with police as they seek justice for their loved ones.

Leon Grice, 24, shot three times, including once to the neck. Jermaine Kirk, 22, shot three times, including once into the left eye. Lynnell Baskin Jr., 19, shot seven times, including once to the head.

The killers were almost leisurely -- three volleys separated by the passage of several minutes, said a neighbor who heard the shots in the night.

Pure capitalism!

That's because as any Marxist will tell you, "Capitalism is Organized Crime."

And of course there are dead dogs all over the place in Detroit, because that's the way the free market works.

Those damned capitalists!

What will they think of next? Extortion? Carjacking? Rape? 

Clearly, something must be done.

posted by Eric on 03.10.11 at 02:22 PM


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