Violent Communists? Surely such things cannot be!

This is sickening. Some cowardly anonymous hard core Commies (of course they would deny that's what they are, and they would doubtless call me a "red baiter" for calling them Communists) have threatened Ann Althouse for courageously daring to cover and criticize the ongoing occupation of the State Capitol.

Via Glenn Reynolds, who does not mince words:

This is why public employee unions should be illegal -- they foster a sense of entitlement that leads to criminality. So, Paul Krugman, where's your civility talk now? Will you write a column suggesting that unions are over-entitled? That the left feels too free with its efforts at intimidation? That maybe there's something sick, or evil, at the heart of the Wisconsin Democratic party?

Or will you just stick your fingers in your ears and move on? I know how I'm betting.

Krugman may just be a mouthpiece, but I just hope Ann Althouse and her husband are armed, because there is no question that some of the people behind the occupation are dedicated to violence.

And that is because they include dedicated Communists.

For Communists, violence is not a bug; its a feature. A feature which has killed a hundred million so far.

This is not to say that there aren't regular working class union folks among the demonstrators, and I am sure there are.

No doubt they decry violence.

Let's hope they will loudly condemn the threats against Ann Althouse.

posted by Eric on 03.18.11 at 12:34 AM


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