Pajamas Media Sued By Righthaven

The news is somewhat old (1 Feb) but I don't recall seeing it elsewhere.

Las Vegas-based Righthaven LLC sues alleged copyright-infringing website operators and message-board posters in partnerships with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post.

Since March, at least 229 lawsuits have been filed in a campaign the then-publisher of the Review-Journal said was targeting copyright thieves.

Jason Chrystal and Justus Steel, whom Righthaven says run the site, are defendants in one of four new Righthaven cases in U.S. District Court in Colorado.

In all four cases, the website operators are accused of displaying the same Denver Post "TSA enhanced pat-down" photo on their websites.

And one of the other cases?
Also sued over the photo were:

--Pajamas Media Inc., registrant of the website; and Bryan Preston, identified as its Austin editor, a columnist and contributor

That may explain Instapundit's interest in Righthaven cases. Especially one where Righthaven is on the receiving end.

This book might be useful if you are worried about copyright issues:

Internet Surf and Turf-Revealed: The Essential Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Finding Media

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posted by Simon on 03.11.11 at 12:20 AM


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