I have a tree

At the last minute on what we consider to be our Christmas Eve, I got a Christmas tree from Home Depot.

I paid only ten dollars, as there were only three trees left, and it was a pathetically scrawny tree. I wasn't sure that I hadn't been ripped off entirely, but I considered myself lucky to have gotten a tree at all. While it looked nearly dead at the time, I took it home made a fresh saw cut at the bottom, then I put it in the Christmas tree holder which I filled with aquarium water. To say it came to life would be understatement. Not only has it not dropped a single needle, but it seems to be growing.

With a start, I suddenly remembered that in some circles, today is Christmas Eve. Which means that without too much of a stretch, even I can consider today to be Christmas Eve "again." Perhaps I should have given that more thought when (not realizing the possible implications) I took a picture earlier.




It's shocking how hideously tacky it looks, because earlier this evening I had obtained a copy of The Trial of Eichmann, which I was watching when I took the picture, so there is his unapologetic, sneering face, staring from the TV. (A more guilty man has rarely if ever been put on trial.)

It is probably in bad taste to share a picture like that, but there it is. Unplanned but real.

I suspect that the suffering it touches upon is probably profoundly Christian in a way beyond my comprehension, and on that point, I think Buddhism and Christianity might be in accord. But I am not a professional theologian. 

In a coincidence, a few hours ago I learned (via my relentless email) that there's an AFA boycott of Home Depot.

Whether that means that I should apologize to the various activists -- whether for buying a Home Depot tree, taking a picture of it tonight while watching the Eichmann documentary, mentioning the boycott which I just learned about from AFA activists who email me on a regular basis, or writing this post -- I do not know.

Being tired of having to apologize to activists is irrelevant, because to an activist all apologies are suspect, and no apology will suffice.

Even saying "Merry Christmas" under the circumstances might strike many an activist as a suspicious exercise in relativism. 

But what the hell heck. It's Christmas Eve somewhere.

posted by Eric on 01.06.11 at 12:26 AM


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