A Melodrama in Three Cats (plus one)

(The onslaught of felines on CV continues!  I have no idea how to say "felines to victory" in Latin, but consider it said anyhow.)

First there were Euclid and D'Artagnan. And Euclid and D'Artagnan were inseparable. I mean, really inseparable. Couldn't separate them with a water hose inseparable:

Miranda cat, the girl in the house, was not impressed. Good thing she didn't want to be friends with those PLEBIANS anyway!

Then, one day we went minigolfing. While there we found this tiny, incredibly dirty kitten, with a broken tail. We thought, surely he's lost -- we'll take him home, wash him and care for him till we find his family.

Of course, we couldn't find a family.  So we had the vet bathe him.  Then we bathed him again.  Then we washed him with Dawn (it's safe, and he was covered in grease, like a victim of an oil-spill).  Twice.  Then we rubbed cornstartch into his (dried) fur and brushed it out.  Then we did it again.  When he was clean we fed him.  and we fed him.  And we... fed him.

For a brief while, all three boys cuddled together.

But soon it became clear Euclid liked Havelock better.

This made D'Artagnan very, very sad (and also a little homicidal)

Miranda's opinion of the plebians remains unchanged, only now she has one more to terrorize.

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posted by Sarah on 01.20.11 at 06:36 AM


I ran this past Coco, who has no comment at this time!

Eric Scheie   ·  January 20, 2011 3:37 PM

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