Liu Xiaobo -- Even More Awesome Than You Thought

Tim Blair learns from an unlikely source that imprisoned Nobel Prize winning dissident Liu Xiaobo not only supports greater political and economic freedom for the Chinese, but also enthusiastically supports our campaigns to liberate Iraq and Afghanistan, and argues in favor of the U.S. interventions in Vietnam and Korea. Xiaobo even bucks international opinion and praises Israel while criticizing Palestinian provocations.

Best. Nobel. Ever.

As Tim puts it:

Who knew? Thanks, Guardian!

Meanwhile, in Iraq, democracy continues stumbling forward. And the UN has sprung into action, finally lifting Saddam-era sanctions seven years after the regime's toppling.

posted by Dave on 12.15.10 at 02:31 PM


Interesting. I wonder if the Nobel committee knew of this. Somehow I doubt it.

Southern Man   ·  December 15, 2010 2:45 PM

I'm cheered to think that there are still people in China who fully support the West, but I have to agree with Southern Man in that I doubt the Nobel committee was fully aware of his views.

Hortensio   ·  December 16, 2010 12:25 AM

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