"There is no truth to what the liar Glenn Reynolds said. Not a word! The conservative talk shows - we have slaughtered them all! God will roast the so-called war bloggers in hell at the hands of Air America. War bloggers, prepare to surrender or your computers will be hacked to death!

Be assured. Air America is safe, protected!

Glenn Reynolds the hated Instapundit is not in control, the war bloggers not in control of anything - they don't even control themselves! We are not afraid of Instapundit or the stupid so-called war bloggers. Allah has condemned them. They are stupid. They are stupid. And they are condemned!

We have destroyed their computers, their modems, their fantasies - We have driven them back.

Glenn Reynolds is all about lies! All he tells is lies, lies and more lies! I have detailed information about the situation...which completely proves that what he alleges are illusions . . . He lies every day.
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